Carmel Wedding

Dear Rev Duda,

Rich and I just celebrated Valentine’s Day at Il Forniao Carmel. Of
course it reminded me that we got so busy after the wedding (actually
very sick on our honeymoon and after) that we never wrote you a thank
you note. I know, no excuse.

So here it is, almost 6 months of marriage and I am finally writing
you to thank you for the wonderful job you did officiating our
wedding.  We loved your candor, your gentleness, your attention to
detail, your kind and poignant words,  your sense of humor and
seriousness... all put together to make the Duda charisma!

Our day was a fairytale wedding from beginning to end.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our day so special

Here are some photos you might want to see!

We hope you and your wife are doing well.

- Susan and Rich